“Each nation is a Shakti or power of the evolving spirit in humanity and lives by the principle which it embodies. India is the Bharata Shakti, the living energy of a great spiritual conception, and fidelity to it is the very principle of her existence. For by its virtue alone she has been one of the immortal nations; this alone has been the secret of her amazing persistence and perpetual force of survival and revival.”
(Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 20: 57)

AuroBharati strives to rediscover the genius and outstanding magnificence of Indian culture and works to apply it dynamically to life and all its activities in the building of a new India. It aspires to evoke among the youth a great love for India, pride in their heritage and an aspiration and will to create an even greater future.


  • To work towards generating a love for Mother India and to develop a deeper understanding of her culture including religion, philosophy, literature, arts, ethics, sciences her social and political ethos based on her high values, ideals and aspirations.
  • To research and prepare all types of inspiring resource materials and to organize various types of programmes, making use of the latest technology, which can be taken to individuals and institutions nationally and globally, including students, youth, adults, and various teaching and learning institutions.
  • To work for the propagation of Sanskrit as a language of consciousness and the ancient scriptures as a treasure-house of the riches in Indian culture.
  • To work for the unity and greatness of India so that it can give its best and play its true role in the world, as a leader in the ways of the Spirit and a friend and helper of all the peoples.
  • To protect, preserve and conserve the national heritage of India with special emphasis on tangible and intangible cultural heritage based on cultural interactions and an effective system of networking.

“A widest and highest spiritualising of life on earth is the last vision of all that vast and unexampled seeking and experiment in a thousand ways of the soul’s outermost and innermost experience which is the unique character of [India’s] past; this in the end is the mission for which she was born and the meaning of her existence.” (Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, 20: 213)

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