Solo exhibition of Paintings

Start Date: 19-Jan-2024
Location: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Exhibition Hall, Puducherry
End Date: 28-Jan-2024
Institute: Solo Show

Dr Kishor Kumar Tripathy attended the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition ‘Panache-7’ Solo exhibition of Paintings by Mr. G. Anwar at Ashram Exhibition Hall. The exhibition drawing inspiration from the natural world to create works that capture its beauty and essence. The aesthetics of nature in art often emphasize harmony, balance, and the sublime, reflecting the intricate and often serene qualities of the natural environment. Celebration of nature through idealized landscapes and depictions of gods and humans in natural settings, detailed studies of flowers, plants, and animals have been popular, showcasing the diversity and intricacy of nature. Many works aim to create a sense of peace and balance, reflecting the often symmetrical and harmonious aspects of nature.This aesthetic emphasizes the awe-inspiring and sometimes terrifying aspects of nature, capturing its vastness and power

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