Lecture on Healing Powers of Indian Music Therapy

Start Date: 19-Nov-2022
Location: Online
End Date: 19-Nov-2022
Institute: AuroBharati

‘All music is only the sound of His laughter’

-Sri Aurobindo

Dr. Kishor Kumar Tripathy spoke about the origin and evolution of Indian Classical Music which started from the Vedas. Further, this indigenous knowledge system flourished through the textual tradition of India including Sangitaratnakar, Dattilam and Brihadeshi etc. He spoke about the vision of Sri Aurobindo on music ‘Music is a gift independent of any such thing and it can hardly be said that, given a musical gift in two people, the one with an all-round culture would go farther than the other in musical excellence.’ Highlighting the healing power of Indian Music Therapy, he said that the practice of the matras is very much helpful toa improve mental clarity and enhance peace of mind.

Dr. M. Hariharan spoke on the important aspects of the healing power of Mantra Therapy focusing on holistic approaches aided with music, meditation, chants, planetary mantras and medical astrology on various ailments and health issues. He emphasized on how music therapy can come to aid in finding a permanent therapeutic solution  for both psychosomatic and organic health issues like depression, stress, dementia, anxiety, pain, heart condition, blood pressure, diabetes, autism and other identified health issues. His presentation also focused on Music therapy with Chakra healing. He also said about the effects on a specified level given the constraints of belief and application.

Dr.Hariharan is one of the pioneer Music Therapist and Music Healer and a trained classical Vocal Performing Musician from the age of 7 in both the systems of Indian Music (North and South Indian Tradition). He holds a Ph.D in ethnomusicology from India and another Ph.D from USA on Music Therapy.  He was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award and the Kerala State Sangeet Natak Academy, for the achievements in the field of Music, and Musicology. Currently, Dr.Hariharan, is the Chairman of the Society for Music Therapy Education and Research based in Pondicherry and Course Coordinator for Music Therapy Programs at Tamilnadu Dr.J.Jayalalitha University of Music and Fine Arts, Chennai.

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