Seminar highlights spiritual legacy of Puducherry

Published On:09-Mar-2024 

An array of speakers highlighted the rich spiritual legacy of Puducherry at a seminar held in connection with the 10th Pondicherry Heritage Festival (PHF) and the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.

Addressing the seminar on ‘Pondicherry: The Cave of Tapasya”, K. Tharanikkarasu, vice-chancellor-in-charge, Pondicherry University, noted that a deep sense of spiritual heritage is the legacy of the land of Puducherry.

The place, which was earlier called Vedapuri, was comparable to Kasi, Varanasi, and other sacred places of Bharat, he said.

Pointing out that there are infinite paths to realise divinity, the Vice-Chancellor said Sri Aurobindo had synthesised different cultures with a goal to achieve human unity.

The event was co-hosted by AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS), Pondicherry University and Department of Art and Culture.

Source:The Hindu (Online)

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