Sanskrit Promotion Initiatives in Puducherry

Start Date: 05-Nov-2023
Location: Shankara Vidyalaya, Puducherry
End Date: 05-Nov-2023
Institute: AuroBharati

… the vital question is how we are to learn and make use of Sanskrit and the indigenous languages so as to get to the heart and intimate sense of our own culture and establish a vivid continuity between the still living power of our past and the yet uncreated power of our future, and how we are to learn and use English or any other foreign tongue so as to know helpfully the life, ideas and culture of other countries and establish our right relations with the world around us. This is the aim and principle of a true national education, not, certainly, to ignore modern truth and knowledge, but to take our foundation on our own being, our own mind, our own spirit. (CWSA, Vol. 1, p. 421)

As part of the promotion and dissemination program related to the Sanskrit language and literary heritage, Dr. Kishor Kumar Tripathy, Member Secretary, AuroBharati, Sri Aurobindo Society, attended the meeting with the officials and representatives of Samskrita Bharati, Southern Chapter, at Puducherry on 5th November, 2023. The interactive session was held with the representatives of Sanskrita Bharati, Puducherry, & Shri Harindra from HCL, Chennai.

It was a wonderful meeting with the officials of Samskrita Bharati, one of the important institutions engaged in reviving a language, rejuvenating a culture, and rebuilding a nation that is Bharat! Samskrita Bharati (founded 1981) is a movement for the continuing protection, development and propagation of the Sanskrit language, as well as the literature, tradition, and knowledge systems embedded in it.

Significant factors related to the promotion of Sanskrit were discussed in the meeting, including the initiatives undertaken by Sri Aurobindo Society for the promotion of Sanskrit and Indian culture, with special emphasis on documentation and preservation of the traditional knowledge system. During the meeting, it was discussed to focus on significant areas, including educational initiatives, cultural events and awareness, digital media presence, and community engagement for the promotion of Sanskrit. There is a need to focus on traditional knowledge systems, which have contributed to the knowledge system of India. There is a need to create a network of Sanskrit scholars, experts and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects.

The development and promotion of online Sanskrit learning platforms and courses to reach a broader audience can also contribute significantly to this area. The creation of multimedia and digital content and collaborations with international institutions and organizations interested in Sanskrit studies can contribute for the promotion of Sanskrit on a large scale.

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