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Yogic Relationship with Money

Date: March 29, 2023

Venue: Beach Office, Sri Aurobindo Society

As part of our work on the upcoming issue of the online journal ‘Renaissance’ which has ‘Money and Yoga’ as its theme (releasing on March 21), we are organising a special interactive session at Sri Aurobindo Society, Beach Office.

Mr. Deven Shah from Auroville will facilitate an interactive session on the nuances of engaging with the money-force as part of Yoga sadhana and also manifesting what The Mother dreamt: “money would no longer be the sovereign lord.

About the Speaker: In the search for ‘Truth’, Deven has explored various dimensions of money while working in the personal finance and technology sector for around 20 years. He got deeply influenced by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s consciousness and in 2016 he joined Auroville where he is an instrument for various experiments in Integral Education and the study of Sanskrit.

For more details, contact:
Dr. Beloo Mehra
[email protected]


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