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Twelve Attributes of the Mother – Renaissance Theme for August 2021 to August 2022

In a conversation dated 15 June, 1970 someone asked the Mother, “You have said in one of your messages: The number one problem for India is to find back and manifest her soul. How to find back India’s soul?” To this, the Mother replied:

“Become conscious of your psychic being. Let your psychic being become intensely interested in India’s Soul and aspire towards it, with an attitude of service; and if you are sincere you will succeed.” (CWM, 13: 370)

This is the work the Mother asks us to do for our beloved motherland, for India, our Mother. As we walk the path to a deeper knowledge of the truer self within, are there some soul-values, qualities or powers which we must develop? What are the attributes we need so that we become sincere servitors of the Truth, courageous children of Mother India, aspiring children of Divine Mother?

Guided by the Mother’s symbol, from August 2021 to August 2022, each issue of Renaissance will explore one of the twelve powers or attributes of the Mother, which are necessary for the complete manifestation of Her work.

Sincerity | Humility | Gratitude | Perseverance | Aspiration | Receptivity | Progress | Courage | Goodness | Generosity | Equality | Peace

We invite submissions in the form of articles, reflections, artwork, poetry, stories, anecdotes that speak of any of these attributes.

For more details, see the announcement poster. Or write to us at: <[email protected]>

~ Beloo Mehra
Editor, Renaissance

Announcement for Submissions, Renaissance, August 2021-2022
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