The first part of an online Course – The Psychic Being: Your Inner Master –  was organised by SAFIC and NAMAH during 18-23 January 2021. Living with the Psychic Being upfront and leading us is a supreme objective of Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. Each day of the course was hosted by eminent speakers and practitioner of Integral Yoga who shared their valuable insight on the subject  from their practical knowledge.

18-January-2021: The 1st day session began with Dr Sampadananda Mishra introducing the participants with the subject of the course and its immense importance for a sincere sadhak. Ramachandra Roddam then took over the day’s talk by highlighting importance of Chaitya Purusha, The Most Reliable Co-Traveller on Our Inner Voyage. Life, according to Sri Aurobindo, is One and Non-dual. But we are bound in fragmented living due to the ego and the limitations of mind, prana and body. Only by turning to Chaitya Purusha – The Psychic Being – residing deep within our heart, we can provide a proper base for the descent of the Divine Power to transform our living. Though still not a easy road to enlightenment, the Path led by the Psychic Being is the Sunlit Path which navigates our life-course through all vicissitudes and overcomes all obstacles by transformation and sublimation.

19-January-2021: 2nd day session, The Soul and its Significance, was conducted by Dr Alok Pandey. Psychic Being, he explained, is like a priest who mediates between us and the deity. The Psychic Being transforms our mind, life and body as the temple, through which the Divine reveals and manifest its power in Ignorance through our Nature. The Psychic Being implies Oneness. It knows precisely how and what experience will help its own growth. When this happens then, the Psychic being, instead of being a slave, and a mute witness to all that is going on, becomes slowly the Lord of Nature. And then it is ready to invite the Divine inside in all its fullness.

20-January-2021: 3rd day session began with Dr. Sampadananda quoting verse from Kathopanishad: “The flame, not bigger than the size of a thumb -the psychic- eternally burning at the center of the heart, it is secret, we don’t see it and we need to follow a certain discipline to see it, to come in contact with it and to come under its influence.

Very aptly Arul Dev, the speaker of the day, proceeded with practical hints for finding the Psychic Being. He enumerated six steps to go deeper and connect to the space he called the Cave of our Heart (the title of his session). The first step was locating the Cave of Heart by inner sight with awareness and entering into silence. The second step was to practice keeping this awareness to the space above head. Being aware of breath was the third step and the fourth step was with closed eyes – focusing on a gap at the end of inhalation and exhalation. In the fifth step there was an inward expression of the sound of OM. And bringing attention back to the Cave of the Heart. The sixth step was to practice this process in all our daily activities. Arul Dev also gave guided practice for each step.

21-January-2021: 4th day, subject of Psychic Being and Rebirth taken up by Dr Soumitra Basu. In this talk he differentiated between Psychic memories and memories of past births. Highlighting that Psychic memories are Divine Memories in nature, and they are carried by Psychic from life to life.

22-January-2021: 5th day talk was held by Dr Sampadananda Mishra on subject of the Psychic Being, Connecting the Outer with the Inner. We live in the ordinary outer consciousness which is full of sufferings, anxiety, miseries and other deplorable conditions. The ancient sacred texts and Seers of the past pointed out that All is One and its roots are in Ananda. In order to remain rooted in Ananda and be active in the outer world, one will need to live one’s life from the Psychic Being. By fourfold discipline given by the Mother and the Grace from the Divine, one can make this possible.

23-January-2021: 6th day session was conducted by Dr Debabrata Sahani on Integrating with the Psychic Influence .This journey of integration is very long but, quoting the Mother, Dr Debabrata said, this long voyage can be traversed by persistent efforts, endurance and blessings from the Divine.  LOVE, SMILE, SILENCE, STRENGTH are key aspects of the Psychic being. Through guided experiments, Dr Debabrata Sahani taught participants how to practice these Psychic aspects in everyday events and situations.

At the end of each speaker’s deliberation a very brief summary was presented by James Anderson and then the speakers answered the questions of the participants. Deepa Vaithiswaran wonderfully curated all the sessions.

Here is the feedback from few participants:

“Thank you for a beautiful session. The explaination of psychic being – its characteristics and the experience of and role of bhakti in the process of developing the psychic being was really useful.”

“Thank you very much for this meditative session. Really, I could connect easily with heart centre, even above the head came easily.’

“Immensely thankful for highlighting the practice of evoking the psychic memory and thereby connect to the Divine gift of Grace that manifests itself as blessed,poignant moments in life.’

-Thank you very much. It has left me speechless, in tears of Joy and free of doubt. This is why I have been blessed to join Sri Aurobindo Society.

-Your exposition both from Vedas and The Mother and Sri.Aurobindo were enlightening. Especially not to forget even for moment what Sri.Aurobindo has done had best impact. To cultivate discipline to that exactness is indeed  should be our Sadhana.’

“Beautiful session with practical tips of integrating with your psychic being with Dr. Debabrata was a great end of a wonderful week.”

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