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Sociological thought of Sri Aurobindo

Sociological Thought of Sri Aurobindo

We have designed a post-graduate level course which provides students with the fundamentals of Sri Aurobindo’s theory of social development and its current significance and relevance. Sociological thinkers all across the world seem to agree that the present crisis concerning individuals, communities, states, and nations can be adequately addressed only with an evolution of consciousness in the humanity.

The course begins with an exploration of a deeper view of the relation between individual and society, and further examines the inner evolutionary processes behind the external progress of the societies, the various stages they go through as they evolve from a loosely-formed organic collectivity to a more organised and complex collectivity. Finally, the necessity and significance of the deeper subjective and psychological bases of further evolution in the individual and societies are considered. (Course designed by Dr. Beloo Mehra)

Some recent works:

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