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September 2021 issue of Renaissance – Theme: Humility

The September 2021 issue of Renaissance, our monthly e-journal, was released on September 21, 2021. After #sincerity, we at Renaissance now explore #humility – another one of the twelve soul-qualities the Mother says are needed for full manifestation of Her Work.

In India, for millennia, modesty or humility has been considered the most noble virtue, one that is the ornament of all virtues. In present times when self-promotion is not only an acceptable practice but has actually become a highly sophisticated skill that one must master if one wants to be ‘successful’, humility often takes a backseat. But if we step back for a moment and reflect carefully we may find that it is exactly in times like these that we must examine what is meant by true humility. And more importantly, how it is related to our inner journeys, our growth as conscious individuals with an aspiration to grow inwardly and walk the path that takes us closer to our highest Self within.

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