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SAMVID – Introduction to Sacred Texts of India (In the light of Sri Aurobindo).

Date: 8th to 15th June
Location: Online

SAMVID – Introduction to Sacred Texts of India (In the light of Sri Aurobindo)

This online course offered from 8 to 15 June 2020 was facilitated by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra for  which around hundred and five  participants had registered. The course was conducted every day from 7-8 PM through Google Meet. Around 87 participants were present online and others learnt offline from the recorded sessions which were sent to them with limited access. After every session there was q & n session and every day after the session the session notes were sent to the participants for their recap and wider understanding.


The following topics were covered in the course:

Day 1 Introduction (what is Shastra and how to approach it) 

Day 2 Introduction to Indian Culture & Sanskrit

Day 3 Introduction to the Veda

Day 4 Introduction to the Upanishads

Day 5 Introduction to the Ramayana

Day 6 Introduction to the Mahabharata

Day 7 Introduction to the Gita

Day 8 Introduction to Tantra

Here is the feedback from few participants:

Thank you Sampad bhai for the sessions. They have opened a door towards a lot of clarity and understanding regarding the sacred texts. But more is needed. I sincerely wish you take up more sessions focused on different shastras at a time.

-Kirti Adhikari

Sir, Again words fail to express my gratitude. I know She is guiding all my steps..Participation in this course must have been Her Grace & meeting you too. I will have to find time to go through such wonderful ocean of Knowledge for which you have been Her channel to bring to the masses through social & electronic media. Your noble gesture of sharing this treasure of our Guru is a clear indication to me that I will aspire more & be sincere in my seeking to become an Adhikarin. SHE knows. Words again fail, my sincere gratitude & Pranam.

-Rashmiranjan, Mumbai

The course was excellent and it had been a great privilege for me to be part of the group attending your lecture.

-Himansu Bnerji, Australia

This Samvid was the first ever overview of vedic sanskruti’s  ‘almost as infinite as the cosmos’ foundation of वेद-उपनिषद-पुराण-गीता-महाकाव्यरामायण-महाभारत-तंत्र, the infinite paths to realize higher reality by स्वधर्म and स्वभाव navigating through ever-present देव-आसुर battle inside and outside to live in the highest truth/reality and transcend नश्वर जीवनचक्रत्व to ईश्वरत्व. Incredible breadth, eloquent spirit and उच्य सेवाभाव.

-Rajendra Paul, USA

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