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Integral Education

Post-graduate Diploma in Integral Education

“The aim of education is not to prepare a man to succeed in life and society, but to increase his perfectibility to its utmost.” (The Mother, CWM, 12: 120)

An education that is rooted in the deeper aim of ‘knowing oneself’ is absolutely indispensable for a true Indian resurgence. Only when they truly know who they are as individuals, in the complexity of their being, can the youth of our country become more conscious of their choices and decisions in life. Only then can they become not only responsible and creative citizens of their country but also more conscious and well-balanced individuals walking on the path of a conscious evolution of the human race. Sri Aurobindo reminds us that at the very minimum, a true education must aim at the building of the powers of the human mind and spirit, and “the evoking of knowledge and will and of the power to use knowledge, character, culture.” (CWSA, 1: 421)

With this as our guiding principle, we have designed a 1-year post-graduate Diploma in Integral Education, which can be customised to suit the requirements of any institution working in the field of teacher education. Each of the 8 courses listed below can also be customised and offered as separate courses or workshops for interested institutions. (Program designed by Dr. Beloo Mehra)

Semester 1

  • Integral Education and Indian Thought
  • Principles of Integral Education
  • Practicum: Physical and Vital Education for Harmony
  • Practicum: Living an Integral Life

Semester 2

  • Integral Education in Practice
  • Education for Transformation
  • Practicum: Practicing Self-awareness
  • Practicum: Designing an Integral Learning Module
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