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October 2021 issue of Renaissance – Theme: Gratitude

As we continue with our year-long-theme of the Twelve Attributes of the Mother, we dedicate the present issue of our monthly e-journal, Renaissance to Gratitude.

“To Thee Our Infinite Gratitude. . . ” The Mother’s words dated December 9th, 1950, which are engraved on the Samadhi at Sri Aurobindo Ashram are the most sublime, most perfect words to express our deepest Gratitude to Sri Aurobindo. We could not think of any other way to open this issue but with a sincere contemplation on these words:

In addition to exploring Gratitude in a variety of hues, the issue also features pieces on the inner significance of Navaratri, the festival of Devi, and the cultural significance of Ramayana. Other highlights include a reflection on patriotism and leadership in the light of recent events in Afghanistan, and ‘The Real Gandhi’, an insightful essay approved by Sri Aurobindo.

Highlights (clickable links):


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