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Insightful Conversations at AuroBharati – September 21, 2022

Topic: Conscious Conception and Pregnancy: Listening to a Personal Journey

A conversation with Vijayalakshmi C.

Indian spiritual traditions were never cut-off from life. The attempt of our ancient Indian seers and thinkers was rather to raise all areas of life in the light of the spirit. This included concerns of family life, parenting and even conception, pregnancy and prenatal education.

By Choice, not by Chance

Indian tradition has always maintained that pregnancy should be by choice, and not by chance. As per the Vedic tradition a child has to be the result of prayers and aspirations and not the product of mere entertainment and conjugal enjoyment. A number of samskaras or purificatory disciplines have been suggested in the tradition to prepare a couple psychologically and physically for this important work of bringing a child into this world.

Listening to a Personal Journey

In this session of Insightful Conversation, we speak with Vijayalakshmi C. about her own experience in consciously preparing herself for pregnancy and childbirth.

During the session, Ms. Vijayalakshmi addressed this significant topic of pre-conception preparation to facilitate a willed or conscious conception. She shared how she and her husband worked consciously upon themselves as they went through this process. A mother of two children, she also spoke about how they consciously involved their elder child when they were expecting their second child. The conversation further goes on to enrich our understanding of conscious pregnancy, significance of prenatal education, and maternity in general. Our guest also shares some key insights she has learned and practiced from the ancient Indian traditions as well as her reading of the Mother’s works on this area of prenatal education.

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Watch the Insightful Conversation with Vijayalakshmi C.

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~ Report by Beloo Mehra

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