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Insightful Conversations at AuroBharati – December 21, 2021

Topic: Bringing Indian Approach to Psychology in Classroom: An Educator’s Experience and Insights

In conversation with Dr. Aditi Kaul

A comprehensive and integral self-knowledge is one of the essential aims of any good education. And equally significant is the view of the ‘self’ which forms the basis of education. Yogic psychology or psychology that is based on the yogic understanding of self goes much deeper than the rational-materialistic view of self.

The latest session of Insightful Conversations at AuroBharati focused on an educator’s experience of working with college students on Indian approach to psychology, or what she calls as Psychology of the Self.

Dr. Aditi Kaul works at Auro University, Surat, which is inspired by the ideals and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In a conversation with Dr. Beloo Mehra, she shared some keen insights on several aspects, including self-preparation and influence of the teacher, constant conscious deconditioning on the part of the teacher and the student, and self-exploration as a valid pedagogical approach.

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