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Sanskrit – A Key to the Heart of India

We cannot claim to study about India without spending some time on exploring and studying one of India’s most significant contributions to the humanity – Sanskrit language. We focus on developing a sound appreciation of some key aspects of Sanskrit, considered as the source of many other languages of the world.

Sanskrit is the language in which India’s soul is reflected and expressed. At the same time, Sanskrit is a language of our own inner consciousness. It is not merely a means of expressing our experiences, feelings and thoughts, but in fact because Sanskrit as a language is fully conscious of itself, it can also be a means to become more conscious of our experiences, feelings and thoughts. We explore a few unique features of Sanskrit language, highlighting, its scientific nature, and the system of seed sounds and root sounds in Sanskrit.

Research Objectives:

  • Appreciate Sanskrit as the language of India’s soul.
  • Understand the Indian perspective on the origin of human speech, language and its purpose.
  • Learn a few unique features of Sanskrit.
  • Gain a basic understanding of the scientific nature of Sanskrit, particularly Sanskrit alphabet.
  • Learn about the concept of seed sounds and root sounds in Sanskrit.
  • Appreciate Sanskrit as a language of self-realization.
  • Explore how Sanskrit is a language capable of meeting new challenges of the new age.
  • Appreciate the connection between Sanskrit and the world of computing.

Appreciate the flexibility and freedom that Sanskrit language provides to create some amazing and unique compositions

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