India - From Past Dawns to Future Noons

Indian Culture

Aims and Organisation of Life

Our ancients have given us a great vision of life. But more importantly, they also made an equally great attempt to realise that high vision in the collective life of the community.

Indian cultural vision of human life and existence is the deepest, highest and greatest ever conceived by the human mind. Its attempt to mould the collective life of the community according to its ideals is the noblest attempt ever made in the history of human civilisation. 

The spiritual vision of our Vedic sages has still a living relevance for the future evolution of humanity. But it is important to rediscover this vision and give it a new form suited to the conditions of the modern age.

Research Objectives:

  • Appreciate how the essential spirit of Indian culture expressed itself in the forms and rhythms of life.
  • Understand the ideal of the fourfold organisation of individual and societal life as envisioned by the ancient Indian seers.
  • Comprehend the meaning and value of the four stages of life.
  • Comprehend the real significance and motivation behind the chaturvarna – the fourfold order of society.
  • Appreciate the relevance of this ideal organisation of life for the present and future age.

A Few Recent Works:

Video Sessions: Right Attitude Towards Money (Speaker: Dr. Beloo Mehra)
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