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Inauguration of Exhibition at Auroville

Dates: 4 March 2020
Venue: Kalakendra, Bharata Nivas, Auroville

Topic: Samvijnanam – The Scientific Heritage of India

In a collaborative effort with the Auroville Sanskrit Team, an exhibition designed by SAFIC on Scientific Heritage of India is being displayed at the Kalakendra, Bharat Nivas, Auroville. The exhibition was inaugurated on 4th March 2020 by Prof. Gurmeet Singh ji, honorable Vice-chancellor, Pondicherry University. Along with the members of the Auroville Sanskrit Team there were many others who were present during the inaugural ceremony.  Dr. Nirima Ojha, member Governing Council, Auroville Foundation received Prof. Gurmeet Singh ji. The Inauguration started with the the Vedic chants by the Auroville Sanskrit Team and then lighting of the lamps.

Shri Aravinda Maheswari, member of the Auroville Sanskrit Team, after welcoming everyone,  invited Dr. Sampadananda Mishra to give an introduction to the contents of the exhibition. Dr. Mishra explained that these exhibition materials are prepared with care to present various aspects of the scientific heritage of India. He said that when we look at the massive amount of literature available to use in Sanskrit from ancient time till date, we find that a major chunk of those belong to the non-religious subjects. Dr. Mishra explained that this well-researched exhibition includes: Medical Science, Water Science, Chemical Science, Agriculture, Architectural Science, Animal Science, Physics, Botanical Science, Science of Yoga, Astronomy and Mathematics. Along with these it also includes information about the Indus Valley Civilization and the Ancient Seats of Learning.

Prof. Gurmeet Singh ji, appreciating such collaborative efforts and the content of the exhibition, said that there is great need for creating awareness about our heritage, and especially bring such treasure of the Indic Knowledge System to the youths of India. He also made passing remarks about the contributions of ancient India in the field of various scientific subjects and encouraged everyone to carry out more of such events.

All those who were present during this inaugural ceremony shared their thoughts and aspirations. Then everyone was invited to see the exhibition and for the refreshment.

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