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February 2023 issue of Renaissance – Remembering the Mother

This is a special issue featuring a few precious memories recounted by some of the senior sadhaks of Sri Aurobindo Ashram who were blessed to have close and intimate interactions with the Mother for decades. When we read accounts such as these, we enter into a new kind of contact with the Mother.

We connect with the Individual Mother, the One who was (and is) looking after all the inner and outer needs of the sadhaks, the One whose limitless and boundless Divine Love can heal all pain and cure all ills, whose one smile can bring eternal peace and joy to the aching heart, whose one look can point the sadhak’s inner being toward the right and the true and the beautiful.

Those of us who haven’t had the blessing to be in the physical presence of the Mother have so much to gain from reading the memories carefully preserved and compiled by so many of the senior sadhaks of the Ashram.

The issue features:

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