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February 2022 issue of Renaissance – Theme: Progress

Greetings for this very special day, February 21, 2022, the 144th birthday of our Sweet Mother.

On 15th August 2021, we started a year-long celebration of Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary by dedicating 12 issues of Renaissance to explore the 12 attributes which the Mother has identified as soul-powers necessary for the full manifestation of Her Work. We have explored six attributes so far:

Sincerity | Humility | Gratitude | Perseverance | Aspiration | Receptivity

The present issue is dedicated to exploring ‘Progress’.

This year is also being celebrated throughout our country as ‘Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, to mark 75 years of India’s political independence. For India to rise to her true potential and fulfil her true destiny, she must find and manifest her soul. And as the Mother reminds, the one and the only way to find back India’s soul is if we ourselves become conscious of our psychic being.

The twelve attributes represent the soul-qualities we must progressively cultivate within as we aspire for a deeper, wider and higher consciousness. This is the progress we, the children of Mother India, must constantly strive for, if we aspire to be true servitors of the Truth and sincere children of the Divine Mother.

We have another birthday this month; February 28, Auroville’s Foundation Day. This city of dawn is the Divine’s Dream, a living experiment in Human Unity. Inspired by all these special events, we explore the attribute of ‘Progress’ in this special issue.

Let us begin with the question — how do I begin? The all-compassionate Mother gives us a clear guidance.

What is Progress?

Like many other words these days, the word ‘Progress’ too has often been narrowly or even wrongly used, misused or misunderstood. While it is true that essentially everything is progressing toward its hitherto-unknown but its inevitable destiny, this progress is not generally in a straight line. It is full of pauses, detours and also phases of what may appear as movement in the reverse direction. But that is the way of Life and Nature.

A certain turn of intellect with its eye glued only toward the future considers progress as the only truth, and also has its own definition and ideas of what progress looks like. Another turn of the intellect is mesmerised by all that was glorious in the past and wants to conserve and preserve all of that, even when recognising that change is inevitable. Often reflected as a conflict between tradition and modernity, at its core this is about how past, present and future are not seen as integral and inseparable parts of a single movement of progress.

Always Stay Open to a New Progress

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